Two Tips on How Not to Get Noticed at the Gym Elliptical

Two Tips on How Not to Get Noticed at the Gym

Here are 2 tips that my coach shared with me when I ask her about clothing at the gym. The conversation started because I was at the gym with her and she was giving me lessons on how to property use the free weights. She is a professional fitness competitor and is physically fit all year round. There are always people coming up to her to say hello and to complement her on her physic. I asked if people are always talking to her when she is working out and she said sometimes yes they interrupt her workout. She is nice and talks to them, however then it messes up her timing in between sets. So, I asked what tips are there to not get noticed at the gym.

Wear dark clothing

Normally I love to wear bright colors like yellow and orange. My Two Tips on How Not to Get Noticed at the Gym kettle bell   coach suggested black while working out at a gym because wearing a bright pair of paints or tank top naturally attracts the eye. Therefore, wearing black blends in. Wearing black indoors is fine because I am in an air conditioned space. However, it attracts heat when walking to my vehicle. Remember I live in Arizona where it is always hot. So, just park closer to the door.

Wear clothes that cover up the body parts

Two Tips on How Not to Get Noticed at the Gym bike

Might sound simple, yet let me share more details. I started my body transformation wearing baggy shorts (basketball like) pants. Then summer came and I switched to shorts. Make sure your shorts cover your glutes. Before going to the gym, view yourself in the mirror and practice the motion that you would do at the gym. For example, if you are going to be riding a stationary bike the whole time then your shorts should cover your glutes on the seat. If you are going to be performing dead lifts and bending over to the ground, then confirm that your shorts are covering everything when bent over. Similarly, with tops. I prefer to wear a top that covers my stomach while working out. The main reason I do that is because I think it is grouse that I am sweating. If I use a bench to perform an incline exercise then I do not want my sweaty back touching the bench. I am sure no one else wants that either.

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