Two Lessons I Learned From Online Fitness Competitions fitness boulders

Two Lessons I Learned From Online Fitness Competitions

Best bikini body hosted the 2016 Transformation Challenge. Started on January 11, 2016 and ended April 3, 2016. All entries and tracking was completed online. There I was a 34-year-old female, who was already working out, so why not join the challenge and win $100,000. I thought that I would earn the best bikini body and use the funds to pay for personal training and nutrition.

Bikini model body has been hosting body transformation contests several times a year for multiple years. I had seen the emails announcing the different contests. There was one that I entered and did not complete. I did the workouts that I found from the workout plans. I did not do anything about nutrition. Then at the Two Lessons I Learned From Online Fitness Competitions fitness bouldersend, I was not pleased with my final photos, so I did not submit them.

This year, I was determined to earn a bikini model body. I registered for the contest and made smart, realistic goals. I wrote down, what my final body fat percentage, body weight, and measurements (chest, hips, and waist) would be. My first lesson from the previous contest was that each body is different. I found multiple females, age ~34, height of 5ft 7in and similar body fat percentage and saw that they all looked different. I was trying to make my body fit into the perfect measurement and realized that I should be going for a look instead.

I found a nutritionist/fitness coach and put my full effort into the contest. My coach taught me my second lesson. Eat to build muscle and to have more energy for my workouts. The added muscle allowed me to burn calories at a faster rate. Within a week of following my nutrition plan, I noticed my energy levels had increased.

Cute bikini

Two Lessons I Learned From Online Fitness Competitions fitness bouldersAfter the contest was completed, chose 25 male and female finalists. Then the community voted for 5 winners that won $10,000 each. The judges also choose one male and one female to win $100,000 each. The winners had body fat reductions ranging from 11% to 25%. I completed the contest and submitted my photos. I was not a prize money winner, though I won in my own way. I had a 3-inch reduction in my chest, 4-inch reduction in my waist, and 4-inch reduction in my hips. I have registered for the next online transformation competition and my main goal for 2016 is to compete in my first bikini show in the fall wearing a very cute bikini.

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