Mountain Climbers on a Floating Fishing Dock

Mountain Climbers on a Floating Fishing Dock

How many times have you gone on vacation and the best place to work out was on a floating dock? The goal was to have a relaxing fishing trip at a rental cabin. Knowing the rental cabin was not going to have a complete fitness center, I used my imagination and my fitness coach’s skills to develop multiple workouts. I was determined that I would not miss any days of muscle building.

Create a workout with what nature provides

For my upper body workout, I used a nearby tree to use as a pole for standing press Mountain Climbers on a Floating Fishing Dock and rows. Next was elevated push-ups, so I used the slope of the hill to have my feet elevated. Found a plastic lawn chair to hold my water and stop watch, to track my rest periods. While performing this workout, a butterfly flew next to me, a squirrel ran through the grass, and a stork landed at the water’s edge. Definitely a different wildlife experience than what I am use to seeing in my backyard. Normally, I workout in my home gym where I watch humming birds fly by.

Lower body workout day included laying on the ground. The ground there has ticks. I choose not to lie directly on the ground and use the floating docks instead. The property is 3/4th surrounded by a lake and there are two floating fishing docks on opposite sides of the house. On the first lower body day, I visited the west dock. I found two pieces of cardboard from the recycle area to use as plates for mountain climbers. They slid great over the plastic dock. As I was lying on the dock and performing pike touches, a frog jumped near my head and I jumped too. For the second lower body workout day, I went to the east dock. As I was performing back lunges, I started to rock the dock with my movement creating splashing and scaring the fish. It was a good thing that I was not fishing at the same time.


Birds flying and frogs jumping while doing cardio

Mountain Climbers on a Floating Fishing Dock Battle BoatDuring this trip my training did not include cardio. However, there are a lot of ways to incorporate cardio if needed. The property had a canoe, paddle boat, and kayaks. Of course you could always go for a run. Overall, I was very pleased with the beautiful scenery that I was immersed in while building my muscles.

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