Bikini Show Jewelry Purchasing Tips – Earrings, Rings, and Bracelets

Jewelry Purchasing Tips – Earrings, Rings, and Bracelets

Sparkling stones that glisten when the light hits and reflects rainbows around the room,  that is what I get to look forward to from jewelry at the Bikini Show.  During week 12 my I ordered earrings, rings, and bracelets for the show. I am not one for going to a store and trying jewelry on, so I opted for online ordering. Here are a few tips that I learned on choosing accessories.


Tip 1 Big – Both long and wide. When I was shopping online, the websites had photos of the earrings. The photos showed a proportional length on an ear to the shoulder. This was very helpful for me. I looked for the longest ones.  To determine width, I looked at the main photo. Some sites had the measurements which was even more helpful.

Tip 2 Clear stones – The idea for the clear stones is for the stage lights to sparkle off of them.  I asked why not colored stones, because light would still reflect. I learned that the colored stones distract the judges from looking at the body figure. This tip also was given for when choosing rings and bracelets.


Tip 1 Big – Big is a relative term. I looked for the largest in length and width.

Tip 2 At least one for each hand. I asked if it mattered which fingers the rings went on and did not find any research to suggest one figure over another. Online, when I was ordering, there was a size chart and how to measure the figure it would go on. That was helpful since I was not personally trying them on in a store.


Tip 1 Thick – This can be done with a lot of little bracelets on the same wrist or purchasing a thick bracelet. I choose the thick brackets which were a bunch of little ones connected together. I liked this idea to minimize the chances of losing a bracelet on stage.

Tip 2 Fitted – This one ties in to the last one to avoid jewelry flying off my wrist and hitting another competitor or a judge. That would be embarrassing.

Tip 3 At least 1 for each wrist.

Now that I have learned these tips, I will know in a few weeks if the jewelry I choose was smart. Since I do not were jewelry normally, I will be practicing wearing it. I might just stick to wearing it around the house. Though it would be fun to see the interesting looks I would receive when wearing them to the grocery store.

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