Five Tips When Choosing Bikini Show High Heel Shoes

Imagine viewing the world from 4 ½ inches higher. You can reach items on the higher shelve in the kitchen. You can see over a crowd. Well that one would depend on how tall you are to start with. At the end of week 12, I went online and ordered my first pair of high heels for the bikini show. Why 12 weeks out? It is because I choose to order online instead of going to a brick and mortar store. The shipment would arrive in about a week. Therefore, arriving just before week 10 starts. Week 10 is the start of posing classes. Posing classes are where I learn to how to walk and stand in the shoes without falling over. Apparently that is a big deal since the online videos about stage presence, the speaker talks about how important it is to be able to walk in your shoes and not look like a wobbling duck. Here are a few tips that I have learned when ordering shoes.

#1 Height of the shoefive-tips-when-choosing-bikini-show-high-heel-shoes-show-box

The taller the better. The shoes that I chose were 4 ½ inches high. That seems to be normal for the contest industry. I recommend checking with your coach before ordering.

#2 Strap

Thank goodness my coach recommended a show and ankle strap for my first pair of high heels. Since I am new, the strap will help me stay in my shoe as I am learning to walk in them.

#3 Clear shoe

The high heel is to be clear. Colors would distract the judges.

#4  Clear stones

Just like with the stage jewelry, have clear stones or jewels as decorative bling on the high heel. This will allow for the lights from the stage to sparkle off the stones. Again avoid colored stones.

 #5 Online ordering

If you are like me and prefer to order online, look for the size chart for that brand and
how to  measure. Then read the reviews to see if the sizes run small or large. For instance, the shoes that I ordered run small, therefore I purchased a size larger.

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