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7 Weeks From Show: Body Fat Reduction

Seven weeks out from 1st bikini show. There were a few updates regarding weigh training and meal plan. Another leg day was added and therefore working legs 3 times this week. Historically I had been doing each body part on the same day of the week. Then this past week I changed up which days I did each body part. This helped to break any routine that my body was getting use to. Regarding cardio, I increased from 10 intervals to 12 intervals sprints. The meal plan was changed to reduce the carbohydrates by 30g a day.

  • Physical training
    • Weights
      • 7 days a week
        • 3 days of legs
        • 2 days of shoulders
        • 1 day of chest
        • 1 day of backweights
    • Cardio
      • 4 days a week
        • Elliptical with a leg band – 30 mins
      • 3 days a week
        • Sprints on treadmill – 12 intervals
      • Abs
        • 3 days a week
      • Meal plan – Macros update
        • Macros– Daily Macros in grams (g)
Macros Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
Week 12 33 169 163
Week 7 32 139 159
  • Lesson
    • Show suit consult – learned to call it a show suit and not a swim suit because you can’t swim in it. J There will be a blog and video about the consult and the fitting in the future.
    • Pee cup – There are a lot of videos that I have been watching on Youtube regarding show day for bikini competitions. I have noticed a few talked about packing a pee (urine) cup in their check list/packing list. I asked my coach about it. She explained that on show day once you have your tan you don’t want any pee /urine streaks on your gluts. Therefore you take a cup and cut out the bottom. Also, your show suite is glued on to you so that it does not move. Then when you go to the bathroom, you don’t take off the bottoms but have to move it to the side and hold the cup to urinate through. Also to pee slowly as to not cause splash to get on your skin. Therefore the cup is to help reduce any unwanted streaks.
    • Tanning is applied nude – I had not thought about it. I had never had one and did not know what to expect. I watched videos and learned that the person getting the tan stands in a tent like cabana. The tanner has a spray gun that sprays out the tanning solution. The person getting the tan is nude because otherwise there would be areas without tan. Then the tan dries. Not sure how long it takes to dry. I will soon find out.

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