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6 Weeks From Show: Body Fat Reduction

Only 6 weeks out from 1st bikini show or half way through 12 week prep phase. Changes included the number of physical training days, cardio, and meal plan. Last week there were 7 days of weigh training and this week had 6 days. The cardio days on the elliptical were changed to be on the stair climber without a leg band. The daily macros changed very little. See below for details. This was a measurement week and my waist decreased by 1 inch. Having the waist size decrease is a goal for the show.

  • Physical training
    • Weights
      • 6 days a week
        • 2 days of legs
        • 2 days of shoulders
        • 1 day of chest
        • 1 day of back
    • Cardio
      • 4 days a week
        • Stair climber – 40 minsJump Rope
      • 3 days a week
        • Sprints on treadmill – 12 intervals
      • Abs
        • 1 super set of 2 abdominal exercise at 3 rounds – every day
      • Glutes
        • 1 super set of 2 glute exercise at 3 rounds – every day
  • Meal plan
    • Daily Macros in grams (g)
Macros Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
Week 12-7 33 169 163
Week 6 31.5 139 158.5
  • Lessons
    • Shaving the entire body – For the show, I will be receiving a spray tan and there are many steps to preparing the skin for the spray tan to adhere to the body. I learned on the week before the show to shave the entire body (legs, arms, back, and stomach, everything below my neck) two times. It was also suggested to use coconut butter as the lubricant for shaving.

Miss Belt – A tool that was suggested to me to invest in was a product called Miss Belt. It is a compression belt that goes around the waist. I used it while performing my cardio exercises.

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