3 Helpful Benefits of Glucosamine for a Bikini Show Competitor

Flexibility and range of motion are essential for bikini show competitor weight training. Keeping up the health of my joints to push my body past limits, is my top priority. I know that if I don’t take care of my body, my body will not last. I choose for it to last as long as possible. Therefore I incorporate glucosamine supplements in my daily routine. Let’s take a look at 3 of the benefits of glucosamine.

#1 May reduce the risk of joint degeneration

Bodybuilding athletes like bikini show competitors strength train. “When strength training, they might complain of join pains. This is could be caused from many things such as not warming up or not allowing enough recover time between trainings,” reports Bodybuidling.com  I remember grade schools days of swim team and the athletes that competed on the school team and the club (all year round) team would always be complaining about injuries. Those that swam breast stroke would have shoulder issues. It would be interesting now to go back and find out if they were taking any supplements or just simply not resting between training sessions. I know that I did not take any supplements. I was also only was on the school team and had 1 practice a day.

#2 May reduce the risk cartilage deterioration

Cartilage is the connective tissues between the joins. Whether I am working on a leg day or a shoulder day, it is important that my joins are lubricated for that flexibility and range of motion. If I am performing a dead lift and I do not have the full range of motion, then I am not getting the most benefit from the exercise. If I am taking the time to perform an exercise I choose to have it be the most effect as possible. No wasting time. If athletes are lifting heavy and if they are not supplementing their bodies, there could be negative effects. “The team of scientists discovered that heavy loads — such as weights that prevent you from completing more than eight reps — can cause inflammation in joints that results in cartilage deconstruction and inhibits its reconstruction,” reports Flexonline

#3 May reduce the joint pain, tenderness, and swelling

The Hopkinsmedicine.org shares the difference between “good pain” and “bad pain.” I believe in pushing my bikini weight training. A benefit of glucosamine for me is preventative maintenance on my joins by avoiding possible join pain, tenderness and swelling.

Additional Tips to Know for Benefits of Glucosamine

#1 If you are taking glucosamine as a supplement, read the bottle for serving size and suggested amounts. In this video you notice that there are two different bands of glucosamine. When you check out the supplement facts label you notice that for the Kirkland brand the serving size is 2 tables for 1500mg of glucosamine. The 21st Century brand serving size is 3 tables for 1500mg of glucosamine. You don’t want to overtake or under take the amount you need per day. Also check with your doctor about how much glucosamine is recommend for you to take in a day.

 #2 Per Livestrong.com, glucosamine “is a type of amino sugar, which means it contains properties of both proteins and glucose. It is part of the structures of chitin, which is the outer shell of shrimp and shellfish, animal bones and connective tissues.”

#3 If you are allergic to shell fish, this might not be a supplement for you.

#4 You can purchase Glucosamine as a supplement. I use it for recovery after weight lifting workouts.  It is not regulated by the FDA and therefore there are no recommended daily suggestions. Although it is not regulated, there are organizations such as Quality-supplements.org that are an “independent, scientific, non-profit improving public health by setting standards for medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements.” They put labels on products that they have tested.

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