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2 Weeks From Show: Body Fat Reduction

This past week has had many small tweaks to fine tune my body into a great show case of all the hard work from these past 11 months. The cardio and interval workouts changed. It was a body measurement week. Since 2 weeks ago, my body decreased .75 inch in waist and decreased .25 inch in the hips. Also, 2 things changed on 10 days out from the show. I had been chewing sugar free gum to replace my candy cravings. Starting on day 10, I stopped chewing gum because it could cause bloating. The 2nd item that changed on day 10 was reduce to at least 1 skinless cucumber a day. The skin on the cucumber is also known to cause bloating. As you can tell the goal is to avoid bloating these last 10 days.

  • Physical training
    • Weights
      • Changed from 6 to 7 days a week
        • 3 days of legs
        • 2 days of shoulders
        • 1 day of chest
        • 1 day of back
    • Cardio
      • 4 days a week
        • Stair climber – decreased from 45 to 40 mins bench seat
        • After the weights workout did 20 min fast walk on an incline on treadmill
      • 3 days a week
        • Sprints on treadmill – increased from 12 to 15 intervals – changed from 30 sec run and 30 sec rest to 25 sec run and 35 sec squats
        • After sprints then 40 min moderate to include 15 min on incline and 25 min on elliptical with leg band. Last week was 15 min on elliptical.
        • Added an evening cardio of 30 mins on elliptical without leg band
    • Abs
      • 1 super set of 2 abdominal exercise at 3 rounds – every day
      • 1 set at 3 rounds of mountain climbers using the row machine seat for the feet sliding motion
    • Glutes
      • 1 super set of 2 glute exercise at 3 rounds – every day
  • Meal plan
    • Macros– Daily Macros in grams (g)
Macros Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
Week 3 21 108 162
Week 2 24 86 166
  • Had 1 high carbohydrates day
  • NPC Bikini Fitness Show Tasks
    • Final fitting for show suit and received suit to take home
    • Made pee cups for the show

Purchased from a 2nd hand store loose fitting, dark colored and long sleeved clothes to wear over tan and while sleeping

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