2 Strong Benefits of DIM Supplement for a Bikini Show Competitor

When training for a bikini show, the long term goal is to decrease fat levels and increase muscle mass. There are phases when increasing muscle is the most important. There are phases, such as the 12 prep weeks before a show, when the bikini show competitor is decreasing fat levels. The Diindolylmethane (DIM) supplement helps with the decreasing fat levels.

#1 Hormonal Balance

Keeping hormones balanced in everyday life is one thing and keeping it balanced while stretching your body is another ball game all together. Incorporating the DIM supplement helps, “balance hormonal activity, improve lipid profiles, decrease fat levels, increase muscle mass and enhance cardiovascular,” reports Nootriment. Bodybuilding.com supports the same results when promoting DIM on thier website.

When I was reading an article on Bobdybuilding.com with Tana Gabrielle, trainer and model, wrote how she uses DIM supplements, “Since I like to approach my goals with a natural perspective, I look to build muscle by optimizing my hormonal health. DIM may help support the body’s ability to maintain a favorable estrogen/testosterone balance. This is tricky for women; we need the “good” estrogen for healthy skin, hair and reproductive health.

However, as we age, estrogen tends to become unbalanced and the body needs assistance to clear excess estrogens and allow free testosterone to help support and build lean mass. DIM is great for this. I rotate this supplement in and out of my routine so it can make an impact when I use it.”

#2 Healthy Estrogen Metabolism

Bentz, A.T., et al. (2005) research studies suggest that exercise works to increase the low estrogenic metabolites and decrease the high estrogenic metabolites and supplementation with DIM is also used by many people to support these effects. With having a healthy metabolism, your body is able to continuously work and not have these up and down days. Think of it as when you are performing a task, you are more effective when you work completely through the task. If you have to stop to answer a phone or stop to answer questions when someone asks you, then you take longer and you are less effective in the long run. Remember we are preparing our bodies for the long haul not just for today.

What is DIM Supplement?

The DIM supplement is incorporated in the daily workout process to help with the breakdown of stubborn fats. It is found in cruciferous vegetables. A cruciferous vegetable example would be broccoli. The DIM supplement that I use has a photo of a broccoli head on it. For more information about DIM check out the WebMD site. As always talk to your doctor before taking any supplements to determine how much, how often and if you should include it in your routine.



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