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18 Simple Bikini Show Competitor Fitness Posing Tips

Wow, last year was an amazing learning curve for me regarding bikini shows and fitness. I kept track of lessons and tips from sources such as You Tubers, Blogs, Coaches, and other bikini show competitors. Here are the top 18 simple bikini show competitor fitness posing tips. I trust these will help you.

  1. Hire a posing coach

So many Youtube videos suggested hiring a posing coach. These videos were usually about a bikini competitor’s 1st show and they wished they had hired a coach. I am very grateful, I hired a coach. Check out Finding Lifetime Coach 4 Traits for a few tips.  I had no clue what I was doing. I started posing classes 3 times a week for 20-30 min starting 10 weeks out from my 1st show.

  1. Watch You Tube videos of the same promoter’s events

This will help to have a sense of how the day will flow.  Find out if the event does individual and then group or group and then individual posing. That way you can practice and feel comfortable with the order.

  1. Watch other video show days

Get a feel and hear the sounds that would take place. Watching videos also gave me tips on my possible emotions that day and the day after. Prior to this, I did not think about my emotions for that day. It was good to know because when that day happened, I went through a lot of different emotions and was prepared for them.

  1. Research your organization mandatory poses

This year I competed in the NPC. Here is the link for rules http://npcnewsonline.com/bikini-rules. Also, find out from the event promoter if they have additional posing rules.

  1. The walk on and off stage is part of the routine

There is a time when you are off stage getting ready to walk on stage and the judges can see you. They are already starting to judge you from the side stage, so be ready. When you are walking on stage, your movements should look effortless to the audience. You want to audience to feel your confidence.

  1. Eye contact

First impressions count with the judges. When walking on and off stage look at the judges. When I was performing my poses, I would look at each judge and make eye contact. You only have so much time on stage and therefore eye contact is quick.

  1. Shakiness

My coach warned me that I might have shaky legs or hands when I am holding my pose on stage when waiting for the other competitors to come on stage. Sure enough, the first round on stage by back leg was shaky and because I was given the heads up, I laughed at myself and knew it was normal.

  1. Video yourself

Videoing myself was incredibly helpful. Sometimes I set up my camera and other times I asked a friend to video. This helped to see different angles. When I went back to watch my walk or poses, I was surprised to see what I thought I was doing, was not showing up on the camera. It taught me to exaggerate my moves and transitions.

  1. Practice your routine

There is no such thing as over practicing. I practiced every day for 10 weeks. I would start out at 5 min and holding poses to strengthen my back. Then as the weeks and days got closer to the show, I would be practicing around 30 mins a day.

  1. Practice in your shoes

When I first started my posing classes, I was in sneakers or bear foot to learn the basics. Then I purchased my shoes and practiced in them over and over again. For me, I was not used to wearing high heels. Therefore I need a lot of time practicing walking and turning in them without falling over.

  1. Practice with hair down

Usually I wear my hair up in a pony tail or a bun. For the show I choose to wear it down and long. I am glad I practiced my posing with my hair down because it moves when I turned. I learned how to turn without it flying everywhere.

  1. Practice with jewelry on

Do you normally wear long dangly earrings? Maybe you do. I did not. Therefore, I practiced my walk with the earrings, bracelets, and rings. I learned how to keep my hair from getting caught in the very long earrings. I was also concerned about a ring or bracelet flying off when I turned. Therefore make sure they fit. My finger size went down and the rings were looser than I would have like.

  1. Practice with show suit

Since I started posing classes 10 weeks out, I wear a basic swimsuit. Then when I was just 2 weeks out from the show I received my show suit. It was interesting to see that my body had a different look when wearing the competition suit. Therefore my angles on the posing were changed to show off the best muscles.

  1. Practice with everything on and video to see the whole package

Yes, test run with hair down, jewelry on, competition suit on, shoes on and video yourself. This is when you get to fine tune the overall look. You get to see yourself and make sure your favorite body parts are being showcased.

  1. Research the judges

If you are able to know who the judges are, research how they judge. For my competition, I did not know who they were, however I did look up the rules that the judges follow. This helped me to learn what they would be looking for and what percentage each category was worth.

  1. Turns/transitions

The stage that my bikini competition was on was a wooden floor. Therefore I went to the gym and would practice walking in my high heel shoes on hard wood floor. The wood floor turns felt different than when I was practicing turning on my home tile floor. Much more slippery.

  1. Practice with and without mirror

On the day of your show you will not have a mirror in front of you when performing your poses for the judges. I would practice with a mirror so that I could see what hip to push out or where to move my elbow. Eventually, I was able to feel where to move to get the look that I was practicing.

  1. Smile

Remember to smile. Not the creepy or I am scared smile. A true, “I am having fun” smile. Many times while practicing I would be focused on not falling or arching my back and I would forget to smile. Thank goodness my coach would remind me to smile and have fun with it.  I wish you luck in your future bikini show competition. Remember to have fun and enjoy the prep and the show.

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