13 weeks from 1st bikini show gym

13 Weeks From Show: Maintaining Muscle

This week was similar to week 14 as you will see below. My topic to learn about that I researched was stage presence. Which I found out included mind set, hair, jewelry, nails, swimsuit, shoes, and posing. There is a lot to a bikini show and it is exciting to learn when to do what. Not only on the day of the show but what happens from week 12 up to the show.

  • Physical training
    • Weights
      • 6 days a week
        • 2 days of legs
        • 2 days of shoulders
        • 1 day of chest
        • 1 day of back
    • Cardio
      • 3 days a week
        • 3 day elliptical with a leg band – 20 mins
      • 3 days a week
        • Sprints on treadmill – 8 intervals
    • Abs
      • 3 days a week
  • Meal plan
    • Same
  • Earned meal
    • 1 meal of 1 day a week – For my earned meal I choose long brown rice, orange chicken, zucchini, and a slice of garlic bread
  • Lessons
    • Stage presence – Since I am a planner, I asked my coach and marked my calendar marked with items such as: when to order shoes, when to order jewelry, when to make my hair appointment. I even entered events like when posing classes start and when to start practicing walking in the shoes. This helped me to see an overview of the next 12 weeks and what milestones to accomplish.
    • Mind set about earned meals – I started out thinking that I had to eat all of the foods I liked before the next 12 weeks started. I thought that I would not be able to eat those things. Such as sweet and sour candy. Once I changed my thoughts to be that I am choosing to postpone eating those sweet and sour candies for a few weeks, I suddenly felt better about it. Funny, how just changing a few words around will release worry and remove the sense of lack that I thought I would have.

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