$1,000,000 Bikini Body High kick

$1,000,000 Bikini Body

Is a $1,000,000 bikini body possible?  Recently I completed a 12 week online body transformation competition. I found that I liked the results. My body was stronger and healthier. I have more energy to complete more fun activities each day, such as kicking high. Then, I asked myself, what if I keep going? What if I find more online competitions to enter and complete? What if I challenge myself to compete in a local bikini show? Then I thought, “How do I fund this?”

Inspiration on the stair stepper

While on the stair stepper at the gym, I was listening to “One Minute Millionaire” by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen.  They comment about how people do not ask the right question, “How do I make a $1,000,000 by doing this?” Then my thoughts moved to, “Is there a way to have this activity of health and fitness fund itself?”

Fortunately, I trac$1,000,000 Bikini Body Tracking Costsked many aspects of my first 12 week competition. Under finances  I included cost for food, vitamins, gym membership, trainer sessions, and nutrition meal plans. That was simple. Then I was able to divide the grand total into weeks vs months.  Then I determined the percentage of each category by the grand total. I really like excel and all the cool statistical analysis it provides. Even the ones that I determined later were not important.

Accounting basics

$1,000,000 Bikini Body income minus expenses equils profit So, now I know what costs are involved for the expenses. Simple accounting tells me, Income minus Expenses will give me profit. Therefore, how do I find a way to have income of $1,000,000 plus expenses? My coach gave me a few names of females that complete in fitness shows that could be earning $1,000,000. My coach thought it was from winning competitions, gaining sponsorship’s, and enrollment memberships to their training websites.


Who to learn from that has been successful

Next is to find out if they or anyone else is earning a $1,000,0000 income. Do they make it over time or is a yearly earnings of $1,000,000 possible. Then implement the program.  Why not? Let me know who you recommend I research and learn from.

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